Hey, guys, it's not often that I do this...

I've been a part of
MacHeist for a while. Pretty much since the beginning. We've finally reached the end of the 5 week period and we're in the bundle sale now...

The bundle is 49 dollars and it's got some great programs. The programs consist of the following:

Delicious Library
iClip 4
One of four Pangea software games...
NewsFire - although we need to get to 50k donated to charity to get a license
TextMate - and like NewsFire, we need to get to 100k donated to charity in order to unlock it.

But it's well worth the 49 dollars that you'll pay. Plus, 25% of the price you pay goes to charity, so that's even better.

The more money that goes to charity, the better. Everyone should buy this bundle. You get a great deal on the programs. It's over 200 dollars in shareware apps for 50 bucks. Pretty good, I'd say.

So please, go check it out, and if you've got the cash and a Mac, buy the bundle.


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