As messed up as the story is...

The accident in NYC is strange. My first thought when I heard of the
accident was that something had gone wrong again, and it's entirely
odd to be watching the report on CNN in tall building. It makes you
nervous and uneasy. It makes you wonder how likely something like
this could happen. And then you look out of the windows on the top
floor and see how close you are to the Sears Tower. You realize that
if someone were to do something like 9/11 again but this time in
Chicago, I would be close enough I could feel the flames. I would be
running away as fast as possible. I would be scared beyond belief.
It freaked me out today and it'll probably be something in the back of
my mind for a long time.

And it's even more nuts that it was a Yankee's pitcher. How odd is it
that he's from that team, the team that was in the news for the past
week over their decision on their manager? It's so strange...

And now onto something entirely different. The CTA is closing the
Washington Red line station tonight at midnight. They're also closing
the transfer tunnel between Washington Blue line and the Red line
station. As much as this will suck for me sometimes, I'm more worried
about the homeless that use that tunnel as a home. I know of one man
that I always give money to because I've seen him every day for so
long. Where will he go now? Will I ever see him again? I hope he
stays safe...

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How about them closing that washington stop? I remember the first day it was closed and they said "The Washington Red Line stop will be closed for the next two years". A great new shelter has opened up right in the middle of the Gold Coast, hopefully your friend will make it there.